Resources & Specs

List Price Faucets

Product pricing, freight and status.

Price List Showers

Product pricing, freight and Status.

Price List Bath

Product pricing, freight and Status.

Installation Guidelines Faucets

Simple installation guidelines for all Ztrends Faucets.

Installation Guidelines Wide Spread

Installation Guidelines Wide Spread 40050, 40060, 40061

Care and Cleaning – Kitchen and Bath

Simple cleaning guidelines for all Ztrends Faucets.

Outdoor Shower Care Cleaning Guidelines

Simple guidelines for Ztrends Outdoor Showers.


Installation Guidelines 60027, 60028. 50027, 50028

Installation Guidelines Showers

Simple installation guidelines for Ztrends Showers.

Parts Break Down Faucets

Complete BOM of parts.

Parts Break Down Showers

Complete BOM of Parts.

Handle Comparison List

Optional Handle Cross Index – Stainless Steel Only

Why Ztrends Slideshow

About our Company

Name Me - Product Names

Name Me winner & product naming.

Terms and Conditions

all published policies for Ztrends.

Warranty Card

Card to register product warranty.

Line Drawings – Kitchen Faucets

Line Drawings – Cold Water Taps

Line Drawings – Bath Products

Line Drawings – Outdoor Showers